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Discussion in 'NY Turkey Hunting' started by jim dallas, May 5, 2016.

  1. jim dallas

    jim dallas New Member

    Hunted yesterday with one of my longbows. About 9am I had a gobble about 300 or 400 yards out in front of me. I had another gobble about same distance to the north of me. I wasn't using a blind just on ground with a camo in front of me. I was only calling every 30 mins. or so. I was getting cold about 09:30 looked around didn't see anything. As I start to stand up I see 2 long beards about 40 yards to my right, they saw movement started putting lightly and walked away.
    So I figured I just set there wait an hour then try and call them back. About right at the hour mark another long beard comes into the field in front of me. He's coming right to my hen decoy, gets about 40 yards out starts eyeballing the hen decoy turns down the field and walks away. :-(.
    This morning I figured I have them all figured out wrong saw a hen only heard few gobbles,
  2. Jacen

    Jacen Administrator Staff Member

    Too bad, but I don't think very many guys would have stuck it out as long. How many birds come in after we have picked up and left.
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  3. MeatHunter737

    MeatHunter737 New Member

    It's tough to turkey hunt past 9 for me.... it's just not deer season to me where I can stay on stand all day.
  4. jim dallas

    jim dallas New Member

    Well I tagged out today, Killed a jake yesterday, then his brother this morning. I hung bow up used my 10 ga.
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  5. Jacen

    Jacen Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats....now text me back the trailer plate #
  6. Dan Stilwell

    Dan Stilwell New Member

    Some of the best time is between 9 and 12;)
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  7. SDeline00

    SDeline00 New Member

    Killed more birds between 9-12 than bright an early. Congrats!
  8. Jeff Pollinger

    Jeff Pollinger New Member

    Saw birds yesterday at 9am in a field while driving somewhere. The tom was strutting his stuff while the hen was eating. Drive by that field an hour later and they were still there.
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