Outdoor 3D Course Opening Soon

Discussion in '3D shooting leagues' started by Christian @ AJ's, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Christian @ AJ's

    Christian @ AJ's New Member

    Hey everyone, AJ's Archery in Cazenovia is in the process of setting up their Outdoor 3D Course. Should be ready to shoot within the next few days. 30 Targets, all Rinehart Competition quality. $15/per person/round.

    The course winds through 3 different styles of terrain, 1st run is wooded and mostly flat, good chance to get settled in to your shooting. 2nd run is open field, this will really test your distance judging. The 3rd run combines both wooded and open range shooting, but throws elevation change into the mix. Its a real blast to shoot.

    Course will be open from now (once completed setup) and run until mid September. Give em a call and find out about membership deals and benefits. 315.655.2697

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